MultiNode Active Flow Control Device

Manage water breakthrough and zonal production to improve ultimate recovery

The MultiNode active flow control device (AFCD) functions as part of the MultiNode all-electric intelligent well system to reduce or increase flow paths in production and injection zones. The system helps balance hydrocarbon flow in long wellbores and combats water breakthrough to improve the quality of production and ultimate recovery.

Particularly in long horizontal laterals, experiencing water breakthrough in the heel of a well can cripple production, rendering large volumes of hydrocarbons unrecoverable. Segmenting the lateral into production zones and deploying an AFCD in each zone enables operators to selectively control the flow in each zone. If water breakthrough occurs anywhere in the lateral, the AFCD in that zone can be choked back or closed on command from the surface to reduce water cut and increase overall hydrocarbon production. The ability to remotely adjust AFCDs allows operators to balance production without incurring the cost or risks inherent with intervention.

Each MultiNode AFCD contains a four-stage choke stem—plus an open and closed position—that can be incrementally adjusted to increase or decrease flow in each zone. Made of tungsten carbide, the choke stem features a patented design that reduces friction, stands up to erosion, and provides consistent choke performance over the life of the well. The AFCD’s compact size can accommodate more production zones across fewer feet of casing, and it houses a powerful motor and a built-in choke positioning sensor that provides quick, precise choke adjustments.

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MultiNode All-Electric Intelligent Well System

The Baker Hughes MultiNode all-electric intelligent well system helps achieve remote, selective flow control in an extended number of zones without intervention.

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