NextWave Production Rejuvenation Solution

Improved ultimate recovery

When unconventional wells are not performing up to expectations, you can do one of two things:

  • Continue to produce at low rates
  • Restimulate the well using a “pump and pray” approach

A steep decline curve in production performance typically occurs over a three-year (or shorter) period in unconventional wells. The result is an estimated recovery of only 10% or less of available reserves. At that point, you may choose to accept suboptimal production rates, or you may attempt to blindly restimulate the well. The former isn’t satisfying, and the latter is no guarantee of restored production.

Neither option is an effective or efficient approach for managing, or increasing your return on investment, but this has been business as usual— until now.

Now, there is another option.

One that uses a science- and fact-based methodology to help maximize value from wells that have more production to offer.

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NextWave Production Rejuvenation Solution

The Baker Hughes NextWave™ production rejuvenation solution provides operators with a more sustainable approach to maximizing value from existing shale wells—quickly, efficiently, and economically.

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