NextWave Production Rejuvenation Solution

Maximize value from existing shale wells

Until recently, when unconventional wells were not performing up to expectations, you could do one of three things:

  • Continue to produce at low rates
  • Drill more wells
  • Restimulate the well using a “pump and pray” approach

A steep decline curve in production performance typically occurs over a three-year (or shorter) period in unconventional wells. The result is an estimated recovery of only 10% or less of available reserves.

At that point, you may choose to accept suboptimal production rates, drill more wells to try and meet production targets, or blindly restimulate existing wells.

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NextWave Production Rejuvenation Solution

The Baker Hughes NextWave™ production rejuvenation solution provides operators with a more sustainable approach to maximizing value from existing shale wells—quickly, efficiently, and economically.

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