Packer Systems Catalog

Since 1940, when we introduced the industry’s first completion packer, Baker Hughes has set the standard for innovation and performance in packer technology. Today, when your projects push the edge of the completion technology envelope, you can count on our packers to reliably deliver unsurpassed service, performance, and value. Baker Hughes packer solutions cover the spectrum of applications, from single, selective, and dual completions to extreme high-pressure/high-temperature (XHP/HT), deepwater, extended-reach, multilateral, and intelligent well systems.

The Center for Technology Innovation (CTI) in Houston is our primary center of excellence for completion technology, including packers. Here, engineers and scientists create new solutions for the industry’s toughest completion and production challenges. Research and development focus on cased and open-hole completion technologies, fiber optics, and downhole electronics, nanotechnology, and materials science. The CTI’s four dynamic in-ground test cells are the world’s highest rated for pressure and temperature, at 40,000 psi (2757 bar) and 700°F (371˚C). The 75-ft (21.3-m) test cell towers make it easy to manipulate 40-ft (2.2-m) joints of large-diameter casing into and out of the bay. In addition to the CTI, and other facilities in Houston, research and engineering for completions products and services is conducted in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, and Aberdeen, Scotland.

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Production Packers

Reduce risk and cost using the industry’s most comprehensive packer systems and superior flow control devices.

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