Pipe Recovery Services

Fast and effective expertise

With more than 65 years of wireline and ballistics expertise, Baker Hughes is the industry leader in safe and economical recovery of downhole tubular goods.

A pipe string can become stuck during drilling, completion or workover operations, causing lost time and additional expenses. When this problem occurs, quick resolution is needed to get operations back underway. Baker Hughes has the technology, tools and expertise to solve specific stuck-pipe problems. Decades of research, development, testing and worldwide experience set Baker Hughes apart from other service contractors in analyzing the wide range of pipe-sticking conditions and developing innovations.

Pipe recovery operations generally occur in three stages: free-point depth determination, pipe separation and fishing the remaining stuck pipe.

Baker Hughes pipe recovery specialists will help determine the root cause of the stuck-pipe through a thorough analysis of the well configuration and events leading to the problem. The proper tools and services are then selected to efficiently execute pipe recovery operations. Next, the pipe string is worked sufficiently to determine the free point and then backed-off or cut to remove the free portion from the well. After retrieving the free pipe, the well can be reentered to jar loose or washover the remaining stuck pipe. In certain drilling operations, the remaining stuck pipe may be sidetracked for economic reasons.

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