Prove Reserves Quickly and Economically

Shale gas and tight oil

In underdeveloped fields where reservoir properties are not well defined, acquiring sufficient reservoir data is imperative to identify commercially viable prospects and reduce the number of wells required to prove reserves.

By partnering with Baker Hughes you leverage reservoir expertise, technical knowhow and a comprehensive offering to effectively and economically explore and exploit the full potential of your reservoir.

Drawing on best practices captured from thousands of wells across North America’s lucrative shale plays, we’ve established a data-driven approach that combines the knowledge, technology and technique necessary to:

  • „„Assess and invest in economically viable acreage
  • „„Identify sweet spots and determine best intervals for stimulation
  • „„Construct quality wellbores quickly and effectively
  • „„Generate fractures that yield greater returns
  • „„Extend the productive life of the well

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Reservoir Consulting

Our consultants combine years of experience in all traditional well and subsurface disciplines. They build on a solid reservoir understanding to engineer application-specific solutions that maximize profitable recovery.

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