Remote Operations Services Brochure

Keeping you connected with your reservoir

Today’s digital revolution has inspired the development of technologies that are transforming data into better, faster decisions—resulting in reduced risk, increased efficiency, and greater productivity.

As your intelligent oilfield partner, our goal is to keep you connected with your investment. And through our Remote Operations Services (ROS), Baker Hughes brings a new level of information technology to the wellsite that helps you monitor reservoir performance, manage remote operations, and collaborate in the quickest, most direct way possible.

Through BEACON™, our enterprise platform for real-time remote operations, we optimize field development by combining real-time technologies with information management services, remote visualization services, field communication services, remote advisory services, and managed customer solutions. This platform serves as an extension of your wellsite to optimize connectivity, response times, process efficiency, and knowledge transfer from frontline personnel to management, no matter the location. BEACON collaboration centers, located around the world, are staffed with cross-functional expertise and supported by our knowledge network.

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Remote Operations Services

Expedite data access, monitor performance, enable remote operations, and collaborate in real time for faster, intelligent business decisions.

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