Sand Control Pumping Services

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Baker Hughes provides a full range of offshore and land-based sand control pressure pumping products and services, including frac-pack, gravel-pack, acidizing, and remedial stimulation treatments. With substantial investments in marine stimulation vessels, pumping equipment, and fluid technologies, we are able to provide integrated completion tools, screens, and perforating products and services to complement our pressure pumping product lines. This allows us to provide operators with a single-source solution for sand control well completions.

Maximize reservoir connectivity
Our frac-pack stimulation pumping treatments offer the highest level of reservoir connectivity by creating conductive fractures in the rock. The fractures provide paths that connect a larger area of the reservoir to the well, increasing the area from which natural gas and liquids can be recovered from the targeted formation. Specialty chemicals are used to enhance fluid recovery, fixate migrating fines, and minimize proppant pack and formation damage to create the best possible treatment results and shorten well turnaround time. The net result is enhanced hydrocarbon production or water injection rates, decreased production drawdown or injection pressure, and minimized sand control problems.

Improve reservoir performance
Baker Hughes in-house modeling and stimulation programs help analyze the reservoir by simulating different conditions and analyzing the effects of the frac pack in the reservoir. Frac-pack modeling enhances reservoir performance by analyzing, recommending, and applying the optimum pumping treatment required to ensure connection to the reservoir. The designs created from these analyses lead to maximized wellbore conductivity. Flow assurance can be achieved with reservoir treatments designed to prevent and/or remove inorganic and organic deposition, corrosion, and reservoir souring in the near-wellbore area. Baker Hughes uses proprietary chemical systems combined with analytical test methods to determine the exact solution for existing or potential production problems. Proprietary slow-release inhibitors can be placed in the formation via a fracture, frac-pack, gravel-pack, or pre-packed screen system to control deposition of paraffin, asphaltene, scale, and salt deposits as well as corrosion and bacteria in production tubulars.

Benefit from our technological advances
Sand control pumping operations are supported by state-of-the-art technology centers, including the Technology and Operations Support Center and the Center for Technology Innovation, both located in Houston, Texas. These technology centers are the hub for our pressure pumping and well completion product lines and serve to introduce new technologies and support existing ones. With Baker Hughes sand control pumping capabilities, you can realize the benefits of customized plans for maximum production. Contact your Baker Hughes representative or visit today to find out how a custom-engineered sand control pumping solution can help you maximize pay zone productivity.


Sand Control Pumping Services

Our sand control pumping services maximizes production by creating the optimal frac-pack design to effectively connect the wellbore to the reservoir.

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