Shallow Buried Array Microseismic Monitoring

Optimizing reservoir stimulation and production

Shallow buried arrays (SBAs) are an effective permanent reservoir monitoring (PRM) solution to increase repeatability of monitoring over time. CGG has been at the forefront of onshore PRM for the last 15 years, and now through Magnitude, the joint venture with Baker Hughes, we’ve integrated this expertise with hydraulic fracture monitoring.

Magnitude SBA solutions are designed to monitor numerous wells within large acreage positions and provide significant advantages over the life of the field compared to several single pad monitoring surveys. With large networks of buried 1C, 3C, or 4C sensors deployed in shallow vertical wellbores, SBA monitoring offers minimum noise contamination and a high degree of repeatability for re-stimulation mapping or for correlating results between wells.

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Microseismic Services

Magnitude offers complete microseismic monitoring solutions that address industry challenges including hydraulic fracturing, gas storage, and wastewater disposal.

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