Surface Array Microseismic Monitoring

Optimizing reservoir stimulation and production

Microseismic monitoring provides vital information about how the fracture treatment is stimulating the reservoir. This insight allows you to evaluate and control fracture dimensions during the stimulation process, as well as refine and optimize future treatments on nearby wells.

CGG has been at the forefront of advanced seismic processing, and now through Magnitude, the joint venture with Baker Hughes, we’ve integrated this expertise with hydraulic fracture monitoring.

Magnitude’s surface array microseismic monitoring is an effective, industry-accepted application for understanding hydraulic stimulation effects on a reservoir. The wide surface coverage of surface array designs provides the aperture required for accurate event location and geomechanical analyses (moment tensors, stress ratio analysis), eliminating the constraints, costs, and risks associated with the use of observation or production wells for borehole monitoring purposes.

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Microseismic Services

Magnitude offers complete microseismic monitoring solutions that address industry challenges including hydraulic fracturing, gas storage, and wastewater disposal.

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