Technology Solutions for Shale Oil

Improve profits by overcoming transportation and processing problems

There are two things you have to know about shale oil: It is going to cause problems, and Baker Hughes knows how to solve those problems to increase your profitability.

Shale oil is becoming a favorite crude feed for U.S. refiners because it is cost effective and available throughout much of the country. This availability makes it a secure source of domestic energy that lets refiners do more accurate long-term planning.

Unfortunately shale oil also causes significant disruptions across the refining supply chain–– from transportation to the refinery to final product shipment––that reduce throughput and impact the efficiencies of the operation and refinery profitability. The composition of shale oil varies: not only from basin to basin but also from different areas within each basin. It is this variability that causes the headaches and can impact overall economics if not handled appropriately.

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Shale Oil Processing

Baker Hughes offers a comprehensive set of technology solutions to help overcome US shale oil transportation, storage, refining, and finished products challenges.

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