XP Riser Brush and Boot Basket

The Baker Hughes X-Treme Clean™ XP riser brush and boot basket is for deepwater applications used to clean the interior casing wall of drilling and production riser systems. It brushes and wipes mud residue, cement, or other debris from the riser inside wall and recovers them to surface. Recovery is done with a boot basket that is designed in with the brush assembly and built on a robust mandrel that is full drillpipe strength.

The riser brush and boot basket features one-piece mandrel design without any internal connection. The tensile and torque ratings of the tool are higher than those of the tool joint.

One feature of the tool is its high allowable rotation speed. Allowing drillpipe to rotate up to 150 rpm significantly increases the cleaning efficiency and also allows the tool to be run in the same trip with casing cleaning string, eliminating a dedicated riser cleaning run.

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XP Wellbore Cleanup System

Our cost-effective system for deep wells, deviated wells, and deepwater applications ensures a superior completion that reduces nonproductive time and maximizes production.

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