XERIC Heavy Oil Program

Process heavy crude oils while minimizing operating cost and risk

Process heavy crudes

Processing low-cost, heavy crudes with high viscosity, high solids content, and unstable asphaltenes is extremely challenging. Heavy crudes often cause signifi cant problems: uncontrollable emulsions, oil carryunder, and water and salt carryover. These problems result in reduced throughput, wastewater treatment plant upsets, increased fouling and corrosion, and higher energy costs.

The Baker Petrolite XERIC™ heavy oil program helps you reduce feedstock costs and improve feedstock flexibility while maintaining throughput, minimizing operating costs, and improving environmental compliance. Using our well-established crude oil management concepts, the XERIC program provides your refinery with a comprehensive system-wide analysis, effective chemical treatment technologies, and a broad-based design for mitigating heavy oil processing problems.

With proven chemical products and Baker Hughes desalter optimization knowledge and expertise, heavy crude oils become opportunities to make money rather than opportunities for lost profits.

Increase feedstock fl exibility

With the XERIC heavy oil program, your refinery can process a wider variety of heavy crude oils while decreasing the problems they cause.

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Opportunity Crude Processing

Our chemical treatment programs and services reduce refinery feedstock cost and improve feedstock selection flexibility.

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