Xtreme Performance Series Cables

Supports extended run life in harsh environments with rugged construction

Baker Hughes is the only electrical submersible pumping (ESP) system provider that designs and manufactures the complete ESP system, including the power cable. The Xtreme Performance (XP™) series cable is designed to support extended run life for ESP systems in the world’s most hostile oilfield environments. This includes critical wells with high workover costs, corrosive or gas laden conditions, or high temperatures.

Our FluoroBarrier™ CEB (round) cables are rated from -40ºF (-40ºC) to 400ºF (204ºC). FluoroBarrier CEB can operate over a broad temperature range using insulation that is a specially compounded oil resistant EPDM rubber with proven electrical properties. This is covered with an extruded FluoroBarrier layer to provide complete protection from chemicals in well fluids and gases. A patented, high modulus jacket of breathable oil-resistant rubber and galvanized steel armor offer final layers of protection.

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