Baker Hughes RDPCP System Added USD 440,000 Annual Revenue

Heavy oil well in Canada saw dramatic run life improvement

An operator in Alberta, Canada used a competitor’s rod driven progressing cavity pump system. The horizontal heavy oil well produced for two years but increasing gas levels and difficulties with well draw down required a change.

Based on a history of 90-day average run lives and poor efficiencies, this Canadian well was a good candidate for the Baker Hughes 65-B-3600 PCP pump with LT2000 elastomer. The over-staged pump is designed to handle large amounts of free gas and increase overall system efficiencies by displacing the gas from inside the pump to the annulus. The increase in efficiency allowed the well to be drawn down, providing better inflow of the heavy viscous oil.

With the Baker Hughes RDPCP system, annual revenue jumped from USD 1.6 million to USD 2.1 million and run life rose from 90 days to more than 225 days. Pump efficiency rose from 45% to 85% and production increased from 46 BOPD at 165 rpm to 58 BOPD at 110 rpm. Due to the extended run life and increased system efficiency, the customer installed 25 additional Baker Hughes systems

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