AutoTrak V System Drilled High-Quality Vertical Wellbores

Baker Hughes provided a solution for ultradeep exploration wells

Ultradeep wells

An operator was drilling two, ultradeep exploration wells (approximately 30,000 ft [9144 m]) in the Gulf of Mexico shelf. The 26-in. upper sections of the wells were in approximately 80 ft (24 m) of water and did not require logging while drilling services.

The operator wanted to keep the upper sections of the wellbores vertical to minimize torque and drag and to reduce casing wear when drilling subsequent hole sections. These vertical sections were critical to the success of the ultradeep wells.

Since bottomhole assemblies using steerable motors have tendencies to deviate from vertical and would require wellpath corrections, they were not considered as a solution in the drilling program. The operator asked Baker Hughes for a cost- effective solution to meet the directional drilling requirements.

Fit-for-purpose solution

Baker Hughes recommended the AutoTrak V™ rotary steerable vertical drilling system as the fit-for-purpose solution for the wells. The new AutoTrak V system combines continuous vertical control and real-time, near-bit inclination updates while drilling.

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