AutoTrak X-treme, TesTrak Systems Successfully Drill Tri-lateral Well in The Netherlands

Directional drilling and LWD services help operator achieve recovery goals

Dana Petroleum, operating an offshore exploration well in The Netherlands, discovered an 11-m thick oil rim approximately 5 km east of the P11 de Ruyter platform. To recover the maximum amount of hydrocarbons before the well gassed out, the operator would have to drill a maximum reservoir exposure well.

Baker Hughes deployed the AutoTrak™ system from the 17 ½-in. section onwards, providing a “gun-barrel” hole geometry, especially through the critical horizontal sections. Then, the AutoTrak X-treme™ motor-powered rotary steerable system and the TesTrak™ formation pressure while drilling services were used to deliver a commercial tri-lateral well that drained oil from the rim, while also producing the free gas above it.

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AutoTrak X-treme Rotary Steerable System

Our rotary steerable drilling system integrates a precontoured, high-power X-treme mud motor into the AutoTrak rotary steerable BHA for additional power and RPM at the bit.

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