Successful Control of Sand and Fines Migration in Deepwater Gulf of Mexico

Baker Hughes completed frac pack in Gulf of Mexico

In 2009, a client required a frac-pack completion on a well due to more than five months of sand production and sand control-related problems in the well. The well was located in the Gulf of Mexico – Green Canyon 157 in 2,618 ft (798 m) of water. The zone of interest had a reservoir pressure of 9,275 psi (639 bar) and temperature of 156°F (68.9°C). The well had been shut down and sidetracked as a result of major sand control and fines migration problems that inevitably caused major production losses.

To address the sand control and fines migration problems, Baker Hughes recommended the frac-pack proppant be treated with ConFINE™ fines migration control additive, which is a single additive that can be added to the proppant mix at the blender tub on the fly.

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ConFINE Fines Fixing Agent

Ensure higher long-term production by preventing fines migration to the near wellbore area. This nanoparticle technology maintains gravel and proppant permeability.

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