Australia’s First Successful Openhole Gravel Pack Subsea Completion

Baker Hughes Completion Services Succeed in Deepwater

The customer identified an opportunity to implement numerous horizontal openhole gravel packs in a deep subsea water environment with challenging sand/shale heterogeneities. Successful implementation of a sand control program is critical to the development of these fields. The gravel pack would provide necessary sand control while ensuring minimal formation damage.

The development wells consisted of a production packer on a 51/2-in. tubing string, with capabilities for downhole gauges and vertical lift equipment, landed in a horizontal, openhole, gravel-packed sandface completion.

The one-trip system was capable of sealing into the sandface completion assembly and developing upper completion spaceout while running the lower completion to allow for one trip. This included successfully snapping the S-22 seal assembly into the SC-2R™ packer of the lower completion.

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