EQUALIZER Technology Improved Water Injection Profile in a Deepwater

Baker Hughes Drove Successful Completions in Campos Basin, Brazil

The strategy was to improve water injection for reservoir energy maintenance and to inject water into the oil leg concentrated in the lower portions of the reservoir, while production is concentrated in the upper parts, to delay water breakthrough. It included pressure maintenance and sweep efficiency for three adjacent producer wells, avoiding water channeling and earlier breakthrough, by uniform water injection along the openhole horizontal section of the well.

The EQUALIZER screen was the foundation of this project. In the past this technology was only applied to increase the oil recovery in producer wells by delaying water breakthrough, for this project, the EQUALIZER screen provided the equalized water injection profile to efficiently distribute the acid treatment for a fast and effective removal of the filter cake. Deployed in one trip, not requiring gravel packing and allowing a bullhead pumping for the acid job, this technique saved significant rig time. The injection rates were from 2,000- to 5,000-m3/day, starting with higher rates to enhance reservoir pressure and displace an oil bank to the target producers.

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