Field ASIT Services Technology Helped Customer Increase Crude Value

Location: Oklahoma

An Oklahoma customer wanted to purchase discounted heavy crude (API 20-22), and blend it with a gas condensate (API 60-70) to achieve a crude oil specification similar to West Texas Intermediate. The reoccurring challenge of blending heavy crude oil with lighter feeds resulted in asphaltene precipitation; the gas condensate destabilized the asphaltenes in the heavier crude. This increased the measured basic sediment and water (BS&W) and impacted the crude quality, which potentially discounted its value below the targeted selling price.

The customer contacted Baker Hughes to help increase the value of the blended crude oil. The local Baker Hughes team stepped in to offer blend optimization, as well as proper selection of additive and dosage treatment. The team utilized the Field ASIT services™ technology to identify the proper solution, which verified a blend ratio and a chemical treatment for the customer. The technology testing allowed Baker Hughes to determine the optimum dosage of asphaltene stabilizer to prevent asphaltene precipitation when the heavy crude was blended with the gas condensate.


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