FracFit Solution Saved USD 2.5 Million in CAPEX

Location: Eagle Ford Shale, Texas

An operator working in the Eagle Ford formation of Texas was planning to drill a new well. In preparing to drill, however, challenges began to emerge. A series of complicated and unpredictable faults and natural fractures were dispersed throughout the area, many leading back to a large nearby aquifer. It was essential that the planned well avoid these hazards as five offset wells that had inadvertently tapped into this aquifer were producing only water. If the operator connected with the aquifer, it risked a total loss for the well and its USD 2.5 million investment. However, if the natural fractures could be incorporated into the completion design, enhanced completion efficiency and effectiveness could be realized.

Baker Hughes designed a fit-for-purpose FracFit™ fracturing optimization solution to characterize the lateral, avoid potential water-producing zones, and improve the frac design. FracFit solutions are tailored to the specifics of each formation, designing and executing an efficient, effective, customized stimulation program.

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FracFit Fracturing Optimization Solution

The Baker Hughes FracFit™ fracturing optimization solution gathers and analyzes the right data to quickly and efficiently optimize unconventional well completions and stimulations.

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