FracFit Solution Increased Gas (68%) and Oil (8%) Production

Location: Permian Basin

An operator sought an enhanced completion design to improve ultimate recovery in its Permian Basin field. Production forecasting was difficult as the heterogeneity of the reservoir made gauging production in any given section very challenging. Additionally, the targeted interval possessed minimal gamma ray variation. Because of this, using only gamma measurements for reservoir navigation and lateral positioning was not a feasible option.

Baker Hughes provided the operator’s team with an optimal solution to improve their completion design by avoiding natural faults and optimizing the well placement. With extensive experience in the Permian Basin, Baker Hughes proposed a FracFit™ fracturing optimization solution that would help the operator optimize its completion design and production performance.

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FracFit Fracturing Optimization Solution

The Baker Hughes FracFit™ fracturing optimization solution gathers and analyzes the right data to quickly and efficiently optimize unconventional well completions and stimulations.

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