FracFit Solution Increased Post-fracture Treatment Production 63%

Location, Wolfcamp Shale, Texas

An operator working in the Permian Basin region of Texas wanted to improve production economics in the Wolfcamp Shale by improving the post hydraulic fracture well treatment with a reduced data set of mud logging information.

The operator contacted Baker Hughes to provide a solution. Baker Hughes recommended a holistic FracFit™ fracturing optimization solution to characterize the lateral and improve the fracturing process and results—as well as improve completion for one of the two wells in the fracturing campaign. The other well would be geometrically completed and used as a reference to gauge the success of the FracFit solution.

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FracFit Fracturing Optimization Solution

The Baker Hughes FracFit™ fracturing optimization solution gathers and analyzes the right data to quickly and efficiently optimize unconventional well completions and stimulations.

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