GaugePro Echo On-command Digital Reamer Eliminated 181-ft Rathole

Location: Deepwater Gulf of Mexico

A challenging deepwater drilling application required enlarging a 12¼-in. pilot hole to 14½-in. through hard and abrasive interbedded sands in one run. The operator wished to accomplish this without sacrificing penetration rates or overall drilling performance. The operator also wished to drill and ream the 12¼-in. x 14½-in. hole section to TD in one run—eliminating the rat hole without having to trip out for a second hole opening assembly.

After analyzing the offset well data, it was evident that conventional under-reamers using standard PDC cutters couldn’t complete this application in a single run. This is because traditional reamers/cutting structures often cannot withstand enlarging the wellbore through abrasive and highly interbedded formations. As a result, operators often have to deploy complex bottom hole assemblies incorporating numerous under-reamers or plan multiple hole-opening runs.

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GaugePro Echo On-command Digital Reamer

The first of its kind, the GaugePro™ Echo digital reamer eliminates dedicated reaming runs and provides unlimited operations for more control in offshore applications.

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