GaugePro XPR Beats AFE in First Salt Drilling Application

Baker Hughes saved operator USD 2.1 million

Prior Planning

With its Total System Approach philosophy, Baker Hughes planned and executed a 12¼-in. × 14¾-in. sidetrack section in a Gulf of Mexico offset well. The offset well had required seven bit runs to complete because of downhole tool failures and premature bit wear. The bit wear was caused by excessive vibration while drilling through a salt section with anhydrite laminations.

Using the CoPilot drilling optimization service to analyze the offset and to identify the main drilling hazards of the subsalt field, an integrated drilling system was engineered for the sidetrack.

The Baker Hughes drilling team developed a BHA specifically for the planned sidetrack. The BHA was made up of the AutoTrak G3 rotary steerable system, CoPilot real-time drilling optimization services, a 12¼-in. Genesis Premium PDC bit and the 14¾-in. GaugePro XPR expandable reamer. The GaugePro XPR is a concentric expandable reamer designed for stability and durability.

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GaugePro XPR Expandable Reamer

For onshore and more traditional hole enlargement needs, the GaugePro™ XPR expandable drop-ball reamer is the one you can count on.

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