GaugePro XPR System has Successful Run in Geothermal Well

Baker Hughes debuts system for geothermal applications

An operator for a geothermal well in Bavaria needed to underream a directional well borehole from 12¼ in. to 13½ in. to set a 10¾-in. intermediate liner. An interbedded formation of marlstone, limestone, and dolomite comprised the field.

Baker Hughes selected the GaugePro™ XPR tool with a 97/8-in. bullnose pilot size for the job due to its durable and stable cutting structure. To confirm proper performance, the Baker Hughes drilling team activated the tool and ran it through a pre-cut window in the 133/8-in. casing shoe to 3 m.

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GaugePro XPR Expandable Reamer

For onshore and more traditional hole enlargement needs, the GaugePro™ XPR expandable drop-ball reamer is the one you can count on.

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