GTX Drill Bit Sets Record for Longest and Fastest Run in a Geothermal Application

Baker Hughes reduces cost per meter by almost 50%, saving more than USD 100,000

An operator in the Radicondoli field in Italy’s Larderello geothermal area wanted to save drilling time and money on a shallow geothermal well. To reach total depth (TD), the bit would need to travel approximately 1,640 ft (500 m) through sand, clay, and conglomerate followed by an additional 476 ft (145 m) through limestone and marl.

The Hughes Christensen 23-in. GTX bit from Baker Hughes drilled the entire 2,116 ft (645 m) to TD in a single run of 122 hours, beating the previous bit record and eliminating the need for a second run. When pulled from the hole, the GTX bit was in good condition and was dull rated 1-2-WT-A.

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