Harpoon Cut and Pull Spear was Set Twice and Retrieved Casing in One Trip, Saved USD 650,000

Location: Norwegian Sea

An offshore well operator in the Norwegian Sea needed to remove the top section of casing to make way for a planned openhole sidetracking operation in a deviated well. The operator and the Baker Hughes wellbore intervention team agreed to use our newly introduced Harpoon™ cut and pull spear to efficiently remove a string of 95/8-in.53.5 lb/ft casing to perform a slot recovery operation.

This versatile spear can be set and reset several times through simple mechanical manipulation, enabling multiple cut and pull attempts in a single trip for reduced nonproductive time (NPT).

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Harpoon Cut and Pull Spear

Optimize casing removal efficiency during well P&A and slot recovery by performing multiple retrieval attempts in a single trip with the Harpoon™ cut and pull spear.

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