JETTISON Solids-release Agent Enables Greater Crude Diet Flexibility and Profitability

Location: US Gulf Coast

A US Gulf Coast refiner contacted Baker Hughes for treatment options that would help increase volumes of highsolids crudes processed and improve plant profitability without causing operational upsets. Some high-solids crude oils can be challenging to process due to not only the concentration of solids, but also their particle size, such as micro-fine solids. High levels of micro-fine solids can lead to desalter emulsion growth, poor brine quality, reduced solids removal efficiency, and fouling in downstream equipment. In this specific case, the elevated levels of solids were limiting crude blend flexibility due to a higher risk of desalter key performance indicator (KPI) noncompliance. The refinery had set KPIs of <1000 ppm oil and grease (O&G) in brine and >50% solids removal across the desalter.

Using the Crude Oil Management™ approach, Baker Hughes conducted a system-wide survey inclusive of the crude unit and tank farm to identify additional solutions for improved solids removal and brine quality.


JETTISON Solids Release Technology

JETTISON technology enabled refinery to successfully process 30% paraffinic froth treatment crude...

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