JETTISON Technology Enabled Refinery to Successfully Process 30% Paraffinic Froth Treatment Crude

Location: US Gulf Coast

A US Gulf Coast refinery took possession of paraffinic froth treatment (PFT) crude cargo when a nearby sister refinery, whose desalters were treated by a Baker Hughes competitor, could only process the heavy Canadian crude at less than 5%. Even at such low levels, the sister refinery still experienced a large desalter emulsion band and significant oil undercarry, which upset their wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) operations.

The new owner of the PFT crude parcel, a Baker Hughes customer, had previous success running low percentage blends of this same crude thanks to the implementation of a Baker Hughes Crude Oil Management™ program and the use of XERIC™ heavy oil demulsifiers. However, the refinery now wanted to maximize the blend percentage of the PFT crude and determine their long-term potential to fully exploit the lower price of the opportunity crude.

To help the customer achieve their ambitious goal, Baker Hughes proposed using JETTISON™ solids removal technology, which was developed specifically to treat the ultrafine solids in paraffinic froth-treated tar sands crudes.

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Opportunity Crude Processing

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