Kymera Drill Bit Set a Record 2,966 ft Geothermal Drilling Run in Turkey

Saved USD 100,000 and NPT with ROP of 18 ft/hr

In a vertical onshore well being drilled in the Gediz formation in the Denizli/Alaşehir area of west Turkey, Akca Energy of Turkey was making many trips downhole and running through many TCI bits. Akca asked Baker Hughes for bits with maximized life and rate of penetration (ROP) that would improve performance and reduce the number of trips downhole. The Gediz interbedded formation being drilled was a sandstone, mudstone, clay, siltstone, and conglomerate.

Baker Hughes deployed its 12¼-in. Kymera™ hybrid drill bit, the Kymera KM533X-3-bladed 16-mm primary and 13-mm backup polished Quantec™ PDC cutters, and premium Vanguard™ tricone MFS seal package.

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