Kymera Hybrid Bit Drilled Twice as Fast as Premium Roller-Cone Bits in Iceland

Two impressive runs to total depth in basalt

An operator in Norway with a planned exploration well containing a demanding basalt interval contacted Baker Hughes for assistance.

Although basalt drilling is uncommon in conventional oil and gas wells, Baker Hughes thought that the Hughes Christensen Kymera™ hybrid drill bit would be ideal for this application. To validate the Kymera drill bit rate of penetration (ROP) and durability in igneous rock, Baker Hughes identified a potential geothermal application for a field test. The Iceland Drilling Company agreed to use the Kymera technology in one of their geothermal wells.

The Kymera drill bit combines roller cone and polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) technology to produce a hybrid bit with maximum durability and cutting efficiency in tough and challenging applications compared to conventional drill bit technology.

The geothermal test well experienced hot steam entering the hole and blowing into the derrick causing a seven-day delay as components on the rig needed changing. The normal bits used in the offset wells have historically drilled to total depth (TD) but with reduced ROP.

Baker Hughes drilled two different sections, 17½ and12¼ in., for a total of two runs using the Kymera hybrid drill bit technology. The drill team drilled the 567.6 ft (173 m), 17½-in. section to TD of 885.8 ft (270 m) using a rotary bottom hole assembly. The average ROP was 10.8 m/hr, almost three times faster than runs in offset wells.

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Hybrid Drill Bit Technology

With the cutting superiority of diamond bits and the rock-crushing strength of roller cones, you can reduce drilling days with smoother, consistent drilling.

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