Glyphaloy-dressed Mill and Navi-Drill XTreme Motor Milled 72 Plugs in a Single Trip, Saved Operator 30 Hours

Location: Permian Basin

After drilling the deviated horizontal wellbore in an unconventional oil well in the Permian Basin, the operator ran 4 1/2-in., 13.5 lb/ft casing to depth and prepared the wellbore for fracturing. A plug and perf-style completion method was used to complete the well.

As part of the completion process, 72 composite plugs were set in the well to isolate various zones in the casing. The plugs were installed at regular intervals at depths ranging from 8,585 ft (2617 m) to 17,903 ft (6383 m).

After the well was successfully fractured, the plugs needed to be removed as efficiently as possible so the well could be brought online without delay. Milling out this number of plugs would normally require redressing the mills and replacing the downhole motors, resulting in multiple trips.

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