Offshore ESP Runs Nearly 10 Years in China

Sets new record for ESP run life

An operator’s offshore oil field in China was using a competitor’s artificial lift system. The electrical submersible pumping (ESP) system did not meet the customer’s run life requirements, so the customer was looking to increase daily production and run life.

Baker Hughes installed new ESP equipment to increase the flow rate. The ESP system consisted of 152-hp KMH motor, a single GSB3DB seal, and a 204-stage FC2200 pump. The run life lasted three times longer than the competitor’s ESP equipment. Since the system required two fewer workovers, the operator saved USD 1.6 million (USD 800,000 per workover) in reduced workover costs.

The new Baker Hughes equipment installed for this operator produced 1,940,000 barrels of oil, 3,760,000 barrels of water, and 1,900,000 cubic feet of gas. The new equipment increased both run life and production for this operator in China. Over the near 10-year run life, the customer gained close to USD 43 million in increased revenue.

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