OptiStriker System Enabled One-trip, Targeted Restimulation of 26 Clusters, Improved Operational Efficiency by 50%

Location: Permian Basin, New Mexico

After almost 14 months of sub-optimal production rates compared to offsets, an operator’s well started to decline even further. The operator wanted to explore options to rejuvenate production from the well, but had concerns about operational time and costs.

The well, which was located in the Permian Basin in New Mexico, was initially completed using a plug-and-perf method where three sets of perforation clusters were isolated during each treatment. Although common, this method allows fluids to take the path of least resistance, causing some clusters to be undertreated—or not treated at all.

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OptiStriker Straddle Packer Hydraulic Fracturing Technology

OptiStriker™ straddle packer hydraulic fracturing technology—this fracking equipment restimulates each perforation cluster in existing unconventional wells to boost production.

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