Outdoor Electrospeed 3 VSD Operated Successfully at 133°F (56°C) without AC Unit for Cooling

Location: Middle East

An operator had ESP systems in Iraq’s north and south Rumaila fields. This is Iraq’s hottest region where temperatures can reach 133°F (56°C). Electrical submersible pumping (ESP) systems required air-conditioning (AC) units to keep outdoor variable speed drives (VSD) cool during operations.

The operator was looking for a solution to reduce the operating costs associated with AC units on VSDs in the field. The challenge was to install surface equipment capable of handling temperatures up to 133°F (56°C). Baker Hughes suggested the Electrospeed™ 3 VSD, which is capable of withstanding outdoor temperatures as high as 140°F (60°C). Many VSD providers require AC units with their VSD equipment to tolerate Iraq’s harsh outdoor temperatures. The Electrospeed 3 from Baker Hughes did not require AC units to cool the surface equipment. This lowered power costs and operating expenses and increased the longevity of the ESP systems.

The drive was designed to work with the ESP system to maximize production and enhance reliability. The operator was very happy with the performance of the VSD and acquired additional Electrospeed 3 drives for ESP systems from Baker Hughes in this field. The operator began to use these drives to operate competitor’s ESP equipment as well. Field personnel reported these Electrospeed 3 drives, which have been running for more than 3 years, are very efficient for Iraq’s harsh operating conditions.

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