Reservoir Characterization eXplorer Saves Rig Time While Obtaining Pressures in HP/HT Well

Baker Hughes deploys wireline service in North Sea

A North Sea operator needed to obtain well pressure samples where formation pressures varied from 9,430–15,950 psi and wellbore temperatures reach 363°F (184°C). Pipe conveyed logging (PCL) was not an option due to the client’s short time-frame and the temperature of this high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) well.

Baker Hughes utilized the Deployment Risk Management (DRM™) service to develop a strategy for accessing the wellbore and recommended a wireline service using high-strength cables and ultra slim-profile standoffs to ease high tension and sticking risks. To provide adequate well control the customer used a mud weight with a 1.5 specific gravity, aware that a potential 8,000 psi overbalance might occur.

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