Sentio Smart Intervention Service Provided Essential Data for Flawless Tool Retrieval Operation

Baker Hughes successfully completed deepwater fishing operation

An operator of a Gulf of Mexico well needed real-time data while fishing a bridge plug in heavy seas, a condition well-known to cause weight transfer issues during fishing and milling operations. The rig had broken a connection on the retrieval tool bottom hole assembly, and three attempts to pull the packer failed before the operator called Baker Hughes for the solution.

Baker Hughes recommended Sentio™ smart intervention service for the deepwater operation. The Sentio service provides accurate measurements of weight downhole, downhole torque, annular and bore pressure, and tensile tension force—exactly the data required for identifying fluctuations in surface indicators.

Sentio real-time data allowed the operator to successfully pull out of hole, and the operator quickly integrated Sentio service into future operations. Real-time downhole weight/tension transfers enabled the customer to plan ahead for upcoming operations with confidence and ultimately identify the successful plug retrieval before pulling out of hole.

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