Successfully Drilled First Deepwater Well in Malaysia

Comprehensive planning and skilled execution achieved goal

The target well was the first of a series of deepwater exploration wells that an operator was planning to complete in Malaysia. The combination of hole verticality, rig heave from the floating rig, and water depth created a challenging environment. Baker Hughes worked closely with an operator to develop an effective drilling plan that covered all engineering aspects, including bottomhole assembly (BHA) configuration design, hydraulics, and torque and drag analysis.

In order to reduce drilling risk, the Baker Hughes drilling team used a total system approach that included AutoTrak™ G3, Navi-Drill™ mud motor, CoPilot™, OnTrak™, LithoTrak™, TesTrak™, and WellLink™ RT services. The drilling process started with jetting in a 36-in. casing with a BHA that included a 24-in. bit, Navi-Drill mud motor and OnTrak sensor sub. The drilling team maintained the rate of penetration (ROP) at 7.5 m/hr until they reached the required depth of 6056.4 ft (1846 m).

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