TesTrak Captured Multiple Drawdowns in Deepwater Nigeria

Baker Hughes successfully formation pressure tested in deviated hole

USAN is a deepwater development by operator TOTAL, offshore Nigeria. The initial development was being drilled using the latest generation drillship, West Capella.

TOTAL requested real-time formation pressure testing in the 17½-in section of a deepwater development well. This section of the well passed through a zone already under appraisal.

The primary objective was to obtain formation pressure and compare the results with the pressures obtained in the appraisal well to confirm the validity and the integrity of the data derived from the Baker Hughes TesTrak formation pressure testing while drilling tool.

To be able to confirm and validate the pressure data on short notice, the operator requested that the multiple draw-down include a 60-point uplink instead of the standard 15 points. The 17½-in. hole would be drilled using the AutoTrak rotary steerable system with build rates planned of 2.8º/98 ft (30 m) dogleg severity. Data from an offset exploration well was to be used to validate the TesTrak service results.

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