TORRENT MST Completion System Saved Up to USD 12 Million in IWS Ultra-Deepwater Well

Location: Lower Tertiary Formation, Gulf of Mexico

An operator with a deepwater field development in the Lower Tertiary formation in the Gulf of Mexico chose to use the Baker Hughes TORRENT™ multi-zone single trip (MST) completion system to execute three frac-pack treatments in one run. The TORRENT MST system efficiently treats multiple zones in one trip, providing significant cost savings and reducing nonproductive time (NPT) compared with conventional technology, which requires at least one trip for each frac-pack treatment.

The well was drilled to 27,460-ft (8370-m) total depth (TD) in 8,149 ft (2484 m) of water, and 10 1/8-in. casing was installed. The well intersected three pay zones. After perforating, the operator ran the Baker Hughes TORRENT MST system, comprised of a 96-37 TORRENT service tool with dual shifter configuration, TORRENT MST screens with a patented screen communication system (SCS), TORRENT multi-service valve (MSV) sliding sleeves with selective profiles, and TORRENT isolation packers.

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