XERIC Heavy Oil Pretreatment Demulsifier Enabled Greater Crude Diet Flexibility and Profitability

Location: US Gulf Coast

A US Gulf Coast refinery was processing heavy, high solids opportunity crudes which were negatively impacting key performance indicators (KPIs) at the desalter and the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP). A small amount of heavy Canadian crude was included in the feedstock blend, as little as 13%, but the customer observed a consistent solids-stabilized emulsion throughout the desalter resulting in brine oil and grease (O&G) >5000 ppm. Any attempts to clean up the brine through mudwashing had been unsuccessful due to improper oil-water separation in the desalter. During mudwashes, the large, oily emulsion band was simply being agitated out of the bottom of the vessel. Additionally, high amounts of solids were intermittently carried over with the emulsion which contributed to downstream heat exchanger and furnace fouling. With their limited control over desalter performance and the resulting reliability challenges, the refiner decided to remove the discounted Canadian crude from the feed.

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Opportunity Crude Processing

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