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ENBRIDGE: High-definition pipeline inspection tools can identify pinhole-sized features

And there isn’t much that escapes their attention. Enbridge focuses heavily on prevention to keep our crude oil pipeline network safe. In-line inspection (ILI) tools—or “smart...


World Oil: Subsea-certified black oil foamer solves production issues in deepwater wells

reduction in bottomhole pressure, as they follow their natural decline curve. The decrease in lifting force leads to liquidloading in the tubing and flowline. This build-up in...

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The American Oil & Gas Reporter: Novel Drill Bits Break New Ground, Improve Well Economics

Continuous improvements in drill bit design and performance are driving an ongoing revolution in drilling efficiency in horizontal resource plays. Oil and gas companies are...

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Drilling Contractor: Evolution of intelligent coiled-tubing technologies drives need for better sensors, data interpretation tools to aid real-time decision-making

By Kelli Ainsworth, Editorial Coordinator Coiled-tubing interventions, like everything else in the upstream sector, have taken a hit since oil prices tumbled in 2014. In fact,...


World Oil: Holistic optimization approach improves coring efficiency, sample quality

To improve initial production and ultimate recovery, we must first fully understand the reservoir rock. Full-gauge coring is the first line-of-sight into a reservoir. The actual...

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Refiners have always sought to boost their profitability by improving their crude diet flexibility. Such flexibility allows refiners to control how much of a discounted,...

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Hydrocarbon Processing: Expand crude diet flexibility through comprehensive oil management

One of the primary means for refiners to boost profitability is to improve crude diet flexibility. Many refiners are challenged with increasing their margins while the quality...

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Hart’s E&P: Tech Trends

First rigless-deployed ESP system installed Baker Hughes recently installed the first TransCoil rigless-deployed electric submersible pumping (ESP) system, which is designed to...


Offshore Engineer: The lifting business

Nathan Holland, product line director, Artificial Lift Systems, Baker Hughes: Baker Hughes recently launched the TransCoil rigless-deployed electrical submersible pumping (ESP)...


World Oil: Holistic optimization approach

To acquire a high-quality core in as few runs as possible, and reduce operational costs, a provider must maximize ROP while ensuring efficient, safe surface handling of the rock...

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