Introduction of Polypropylene Technology from Baker Hughes

Product information and application guide

Baker Hughes is a leading manufacturer of low-molecular weight polyolefin polymers; delivering targeted solutions that help you meet your performance and profit goals. We are announcing an initial offering of polypropylene-based low molecular weight polymers. Our proprietary synthesis techniques create specific polypropylene structures and their unique functionalized derivatives with molecular weights of between 800 and 8000.

Baker Hughes specializes in making highly specific terminally functionalized variants of isotatic metallocene polypropylene. Currently, terminally functionalized homopolymer polypropylene/hexene copolymer, polypropylenes along with polypropylene-maleic alternating copolymers and polypropylene ethoxylates are available for sampling and evaluation.

Other derivatives such as alcohols, aldehydes, epoxides, esters, acids and di-acids, alcohol ethoxylates, polypropylenepolyethylene block copolymers, and maleic terminated maleic graft polymers are under development.

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