POLYWAX Polyethylenes

Specialty polymers and waxes to meet your needs

Chemical nature and physical properties

Baker Hughes POLYWAX™ polyethylenes are fully saturated homopolymers of ethylene that exhibit a high degree of linearity and crystallinity. These synthetic waxes have narrow molecular weight distributions with a typical polydispersity (Mw/Mn) of 1.08. Product densities at 25 degrees C range from a low of 0.93 g/cc for POLYWAX™ 400 polyethylene to a high of 0.98 g/cc for POLYWAX™ 3000 polyethylene. In application, POLYWAX polyethylenes exhibit sharp melt point, fast recrystallization, low melt viscosity, excellent heat stability and resistance to chemical attack.

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Imaging and Coatings

Our polymer and wax additives ensure coatings, inks, and toners perform best. These additives cover melt and functional chemistries for liquid- and solid-phase applications.

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