UNILIN Alcohols

Specialty polymers and waxes to meet your needs

Chemical nature and physical properties

Based on proprietary technology, UNILIN™ alcohols are fully saturated, long chain, linear primary alcohols. Compared to other commercially available synthetic alcohols, UNILIN alcohols are of higher molecular weight, greater crystallinity, and higher purity with an 80% primary alcohol concentration. Linear alcohols are traditionally limited to C30 and lower, while UNILIN alcohols are available with average carbon chain lengths up to C50. A further attractive feature of the UNILIN alcohols is the relatively narrow 1.1 polydispersity (Mw/Mn).

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Imaging and Coatings

Our polymer and wax additives ensure coatings, inks, and toners perform best. These additives cover melt and functional chemistries for liquid- and solid-phase applications.

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