Successful Development and Field Qualification of a 9⅝ in and 7 in Rotary Steerable Drilling Liner System that Enables Simultaneous Directional Drilling and Lining of the Wellbore


Many oil and gas operators around the world are faced with drilling operational risks when entering the matured field phase. Narrow drilling margins, hole collapse and lost circulation are among the challenges that must be dealt with safely and economically.

This paper describes a successful approach to overcoming these challenges developed through close cooperation between the operator and the oilfield services company. By providing an overview of the concept, technology and operating principles of the 9 ⅝ in and 7 in advanced steerable drilling liner system, the paper highlights the development and the testing process leading to the successful execution of the world’s first steerable drilling liner application in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea.

The paper also discuss description of the testing and qualification of the two liner drilling sizes (9 ⅝ in and 7 in) at the service company’s experimental test rig.