Integrating Lessons Learned from over 20 years of One-trip Tubing-conveyed Perforating and Frac Pack/gravel Pack Applications

The one-trip system was introduced to industry in the early 1980s; since then, many jobs have been performed worldwide. One-trip perforating and gravel-packing techniques have proven to save rig time and costs, and can be applied to hard and soft rock formations, offering operators some key advantages: As much as two days of rig time can be saved, at deepwater rates, and the new system enables operators to reduce fluid loss from the formation and completion time.

This paper addresses a new technology will describe the tools and procedures that have evolved over time to reduce related risks, such as:
•     High underbalance - Excessive sand influx around guns
•     Gun shock - Inability to unset perforating packer (mechanical shock) and pre-setting of gravel pack packer (pressure wave)
•     Excessive fluid loss – Swab off of gravel pack packer elements when unsetting lower packer and repositioning assembly

The paper also describes the new version of the one-trip system and its advantages, which include:
•     Integrates lessons learned from over 20 years of one-trip tubing-conveyed perforating and gravel packing applications
•     Incorporates latest perforating and frac packing technologies
•     Perforating uses field-proven hydraulic bottom gun anchors
•     Gravel packing uses frac tools designed specifically for frac pack applications