Hydraulic Fracturing: An Environmentally Responsible Technology for Ensuring Our Energy Future

Since the late 1940s, hydraulic fracturing technology has been used in more than a million U.S. wells to safely unlock useful oil and gas reserves that would otherwise remain trapped deep within the Earth. The principles of the process have not changed since the early days, but modern hydraulic fracturing relies on vastly improved technology to ensure its continued contribution to a safe, environmentally responsible energy future.

As the world looks forward to a distant but desirable future with safe, renewable energy, the fact remains that today’s energy demands can only be met with fossil fuels. Oil remains the largest primary energy source, with coal in second place, and natural gas in third— but gaining momentum.

The global interest in natural gas stems from its wide distribution around the world and its simple chemical structure, which makes it burn cleaner than oil or coal, therefore producing fewer harmful emissions. As the cleanest burning fossil fuel, natural gas is an attractive transition fuel, and its availability in more than 85 countries makes it an ideal fuel for energy independence.

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